In 2005, Kathir @ Vincent Raj founded Evidence on the belief that there was a need for new professional, scientific and strategic approaches in order to bring justice and equality to the Dalit communities of India.

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Caste discrimination in India

Caste system in India is a manifestation of the Hindu Brahmanical order which excludes certain communities as "outcastes", "impure", or "untouchables". These "Untouchables", who called themselves Dalits – the broken people, constitute 17 % of the total population in India.

Even after 60 years of India’s independence and the abolishment of the untouchability practises, Dalits still face discrimination and exclusion. They also form the majority of the illiterate, landless, poor and unorganized laborers in India. They do not only suffer from discrimination and untouchability but also face unbridled violence in the forms of physical assault, murder and rape while they try to assert themselves. Though there are constitutional safeguards and legal protections against discrimination and atrocities against Dalits, right to equality and human dignity is still a mirage.

Founded in 2005

A. Kathir @ Vincent Raj, the founding director of Evidence and a Dalit himself, has witnessed and experienced caste based discrimination since his childhood, which triggered him to become a fighter against this caste system and caste based atrocities committed against Dalits. Kathir started his career as a writer cum poet addressing the life stories and experiences of the voiceless people of socially marginalized communities. Later he got motivated on direct interventions through legal and advocacy efforts against these social injustices.

Kathir realized the need for new professional, scientific and strategic approaches, rather than the same old approaches which so far had failed to bring justice and equality to Dalits. His realization came immediately after his participation in the UN conference against racism held in Durban in 2001. He saw the failure of the efforts taken by the human rights and Dalit rights organizations in advocating the Dalit cause at the international level, particularly due to the lack of evidences, proof, facts and figures to prove against the Indian government’s stand against caste discrimination.


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