We conduct studies on the discrimination against Dalits and the prevalence of untouchability practices. Read our study reports here. 

What we do

Studies on caste-based discrimination

A systematic effort has been taken to produce concrete and irrefutable facts on various aspects of caste and gender based discrimination against Dalits in the social, economic and political spheres. These include studies on the prevalence of untouchability practices in the villages, discrimination against Dalit panchayat presidents, the conditions of Adi-Dravida hostels meant for Dalit children and discrimination in the workplace against Dalit government employees.

Such research has been the basis for our advocacy and lobbying with the government, such as through round table consultations, enabling us to press for change at the policy level and to ensure effective implementation of laws and policies. Efforts are also taken to ensure that the results of these studies are disseminated to the local and state media in order to create awareness of continuing forms of discrimination.

Find our study reports here.


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