Focus areas

Our work focuses on the protection of the legal rights of Dalits and Tribals, on Dalit women empowerment and on honour-related crimes.

What we do

Dalit and Tribal human rights

Dalits and Tribals face caste-based violence and discrimination, and the laws and policies that are there to protect them are working ineffectively. We intervene in cases of violence and discrimination committed against Dalits and Tribals. We undertake fact-findings and compile the necessary facts and evidence that will enable us to help the survivors get justice. Legal interventions are made before state mechanism, human rights bodies and courts.

The issues faced by Dalits and Tribals need to be raised and addressed. And the laws and policies that are there to protect and promote the rights and social justice of these communities need to be implemented more effectively. Through campaigning, round-table consultations and other awareness building programmes, we are sensitizing the officials, creating awareness among the public and pushing for change at policy level. Through field studies and monitoring, we are also investigating different aspects on discrimination against Dalits and Tribals in the social, economical and political sphere.

Dalit women empowerment

Dalit women are facing triple discrimination due to their caste, class and gender status. To empower Dalit women is at the heart of our work. We conduct regular capacity building and training programmes for Dalit women human rights activists on human rights intervention strategies, leadership and law. We follow their progress and provide support for their independent work in this field. Additionally, we have established Women Justice Forums throughout the state. The forums are functioning as support networks where the participants can share their knowledge and experience with each other.

Honour-related crimes

In the name of caste and religion, young people are being shamed, brutally assaulted and murdered by their relatives and family members for falling in love with someone from a different caste. We have been raising the issues of honour-related crimes since the organization started in 2005. We monitor these crimes, take on legal fights against them and work on changing the public’s awareness and view regarding honour-related violence.

Since 2017, we have been able to get three landmark judgements on honour-related killings and have now broken the myth that honour killing does not exist in Tamil Nadu. Through our campaigning and advocacy work, we urge for a special law against honour related crimes, including honour killings and suicides.

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