Two tumbler systems in tea shops

Two tumbler systems in tea shops is an occurrence for years together which has been exposed and came to light through the study and media report. Markedly there were facts about the village’s that practice two tumbler systems. Beyond this there is no such comprehensive study on the different form, nature and other discrimination systems followed in tea shops. Based on this situation the Evidence organization has planned to undertake a detail study on the two tumbler systems in Madurai villages.

Study area
In the month of May 2012 in Madurai district we decided to conduct a study on two tumbler system in Madurai district with a study format comprised of 30 questions. The Study include villages namely Tirumangalam, Usilampatti, Perayoor, Madurai south, Madurai North, Vadipatti, including 7 Melur Taluks, Kalikudi, Tirumangalam, Chellampatti, Tiruparakundram, Kottampatti, Alangallur in total 13 panchayat unions. Though our study team went around various villages only 149 persons of these villages gave their statement boldly that two tumbler systems exists. Therefore we have done a detail study in 149 villages regarding two tumbler systems.

Types of two tumbler system
The study reveals that among the 149 village two tumbler systems has been practiced in 463 tea shops. Out of 149 villages tea are given in separate tea glasses for Dalits and Caste Hindus in 131 villages. Further same type of tea tumblers are served in shops but separate for dalits and separate glass for caste Hindus are served and kept separately in 12 villages studied. Then Dalit 2 were given tea in same type of separate glass tumblers and in order to prevent the mixing of tumblers owners use painted marks on the bottom of the tumbler meant for Dalits in 14 villages. Whereas in 8 villages though same type of tumblers are served but the quality and condition differs for Dalits was revealed in the study.

Disposable Plastic (use & throw) tea cups are served for Dalits and for the caste hindus stainless steel and glass tumblers are served in 124 villages (83%). For dalits glass tumblers are given and for caste hindus stainless steel tumblers are served in 10 villages (6.7%). In 6 villages (4%) dalits are served tea in glass tumblers whereas caste hindus are served in stainless steel tumblers in tea shops. In one village tea is served in stainless steel tumblers as well as glass tumbler and for dalits in aluminum tumblers…

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