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Timic is a hard-working village, dedicated to creating change for itself.

Like so many communities in South Sudan, Timic has struggled to fulfill the basic needs that many of us often take for granted, including clean water. Villagers walk for over two hours to collect water to meet their basic daily needs, such as drinking, cooking and washing.

Despite these challenges, the people of Timic are determined to improve their circumstances.

They have cultivated a small number of fruit trees, but this project requires more water than they can carry by foot on a daily basis. A village leader named Joseph owns a motorcycle and has persuaded a distant water-bottling factory to provide enough water for the trees, and he transports the to the village with his motorcycle.

This is a huge accomplishment for the people of Timic, but they have larger goals. They want gardens. The community knows that gardens will provide a steady supply of diverse foods, resulting in a healthier diet, while also offering a source of income for the village when sold at markets.

To realize this dream, the villagers need one thing—a water well.

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