A study on “Two tumbler systems in Tea shops” Study reveals that 463 tea shops practice two tumbler systems among in 149 villages of Madurai district 83% of the villages follows Two-tumbler system
Adi-dravidar and tribal children should be provided with free, compulsory, standard and safe education. Our Tamilnadu Government has realized that education brings overall development to the society,
Caste Based Discrimination and Untouchability practices against Dalits in varied Forms
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”-- we can not forget this citation. But at the same
Untouchability is a social killer-- no one can disagree with this citation. But discrimination against dalits still
There is a famous verse - “Annadhanam is best dhanam.” On 3.3.2007, an Annadhanam event occurred in Karamadai Srirenganathar Temple at Mettupalayam.
300 Dalits interviewed………in 13 districts  Caste Hindus seized land from 247 dalits  5 churches have seized land from Dalits  25% of lands have been taken from Dalits over the last 10 years
“Juvenile Justice and Atrocities against Children who are in Conflict with the Law”
Nagammal (22), hailing from the tribal Palliyar community, resides in Arunkulam, near Bodi in Theni district. Over 200 tribal people reside in this village. They work in the forest and carry security works.
It is globally accepted that discrimination in employment on the basis of birth is a form of racial discrimination.
Surlimuthu S/o Periyasuruli (late) is 25 years old. He worked as a bonded laborer for 17 years. Surlimuthu resides in Seepalakottai, Uthamapalyam at Theni District. He has worked as a bonded laborer since he was 8 years old.